Below is the list of all the songs Acapellago has performed in the past. Some of these songs are sung once or twice, whereas some of them turned into classics over time, like “Beyond The Sea,” which we begin every performance with. You might hear us sing a song from the list one day, or come across a completely new and exciting arrangement!

For the sake of convenience, we are abbreviating Chris Catalan ’18 as CC ’18.


12 Days of Christmas
As performed by Straight No Chaser
Arr. CC ’18
This version of 12 Days of Christmas combines several well-known Christmas carols into one joyful melody that inspires quite a few laughs!
Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf
Arr. Catherine Lu ’17
Terrifying story of a merciless killer living in the woods and greets his victims with a “SHIA SURPRISE!”
Auld Nassyne
Old Nassau sung to the tunes of Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns
Old Nassau was initially sung to Auld Lang Syne’s tune until Carl A. Langlotz composed the current melody in 1859.
All These Things I’ve Done
By The Killers
Arr. CC ’18
Perhaps the arrangement with the most parts in Acapellago’s repertoire, this arrangement by CC ’18 brings a different feel to the classic song by The Killers.
Beatles Medley
By The Beatles
Arr. CC ’18
This fun medley contains all-time favorites like “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, “With A Little Help From My Friends”, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, “Hello Goodbye”, “Let It Be”, and “Hey Jude”.
By Josh Groban
Arr. CC ’18
The heartwarming soundtrack from Rohit Dilip 19’s favorite film ‘The Cartesian Express’, sorry, ‘The Polar Express’ (Pun courtesy of Rohit Dilip ’19).
Beyond the Sea
By Bobby Darin
Arr. Ethan Gordon ’17
New version Arr. Glenda Chen ’20
Beyond the Sea was our first pick-up song, and we sing this arrangement in the beginning of every performance. New version arranged by Glenda Chen ’20.
By George Ezra
Arr. Daniel Stanley ’18, edited by CC ’19
Performed by Daniel Stanley (DanStan) for our 2018 Senior Arch Song.
Carry On, My Wayward Son
As performed by Kansas
Written by Kerry Livgren
Arr. Isaiah Hawkins
An a cappella rendition of an all-time favorite.
Coldplay Medley
By Coldplay (I guess)
Arr. CC ’18
This medley combines “Yellow”, “Clocks”, “Viva la Vida”, “Paradise”, “A Sky Full of Stars”, and “Fix You”. Needless to say, it was difficult to memorize.
Disney Medley
By Various Disney artists
Arr. Ethan Whittaker ’21
A cute, nostalgic medley reminding us of some of our childhood favorites including from “Aladdin”, “Frozen”, “Tangled”, “Hercules”, “Tarzan” and “The Little Mermaid”.
Don’t Ask Me
By OK Go
Arr. Nick Ruybalid ’18
Who hurt you?
Don’t Worry Be Happy/Three Little Birds Mash-up
Written by Bobby McFerrin/Bob Marley
Arr. CC ’18
A cheerful mash-up of two equally cheerful songs.
Falling Slowly
By Glen Hansard
Arr. Rani Jaiswal ’18
Performed by Rani Jaiswal ’18 for our 2018 Senior Arch.
Fight Song
By Rachel Platten
Arr. Ethan Whittaker ’20 & Maria Wissler ’18
An inspirational song sung by Maria Wissler ’18 for our 2018 Senior Arch.
By Tom Petty
Arr. David Slomin ’98
Check out the lyrics to the original song here.
Go The Distance
From Hercules
As sung and arranged by Vocal Spectrum
A Disney classic first sung by the Barbershop Quartet, comprised of Acapellago’s members, in our Winter Arch 2016.
Goodbye to a World
By Porter Robinson
Arr. Ethan Whittaker ’20 & Eaman Shire ’18
A more electronic song sung by Eaman Shire ’18 for our 2018 Senior Arch.
Happy Ending
By Mika
Arr. Chris Snider ’17
The deceptive name of this rather sad song is used to hide the fact that some of our arches contain only sad songs.
Happy Together
By The Turtles
Arr. CC ’18
Let’s all be happy… together.
The Impression That I Get
By The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Arr. Nick Ruybalid ’18
This upbeat song will not give you a bad impression of Acapellago–*knocks on wood*.
In My Life
By John Lennon
Arr. Jesse Sykes, modified by CC ’18
This song talks about acapellove™ and friendship.
Into the West
Performed by Annie Lennox
Arr. Rei Matsuura ’16
 From ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.’ Sung by Annie Cardinal ’15 for 2015 Senior Arch and Lief Dublin ’17 for 2017 Senior Arch.
Lion King Medley
Arr. Chris Snider ’17
This medley combines soundtracks from, obviously, the movie “Lion King” such as “Just Can’t Wait To Be King”, “Hakuna Matata”, “This Land”, “Circle of Life”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, and “Circle of Life”.
Loch Lomond
Arr. Peter Hollens, Adapted by Glenda Chen ’20
A Scottish folk song sung by Cassius Yeesl Kim ’18 for our 2018 Senior Arch.
The Longest Time
Music by Billy Joel
Arr.  Ethan Whittaker ’21
A song about love and loving someone for the longest time.
Old Nassau
Music by Karl A. Langlotz – lyrics by H. P. Peck 1862
Arr.  Peter Fisher ’21
A Princeton classic sung at the end of every arch. We have our own arrangement by our beloved Peter Fisher ’21.
Written by Vance Joy
Arr. Nick Ruybalid ’18
Arranged for Diana Li ’16 as part of our 2016 Senior Arch.
River of Dreams
By Billy Joel
Arr. CC ’18, edited by Catherine Lu ’17
Performed in our 2017 Senior Arch.
Rolling in the Deep
By Adele
Arr. CC ’18, edited by Catherine Lu ’17
Sung by Joseph Coro ’17 in our 2017 Senior Arch.
Sexapellago Medley
Arr. CC ’18
This fun and wacky medley contains popular songs like “My Humps”, “Sexy and I Know It”, “Toxic”, “Don’t Cha”, “Milkshake”, “SexyBack”, and “Baby Got Back”.
The Star Spangled Banner
Music by John Stafford Smith
Lyrics by Francis Scott Key
Arr. Ethan Whittaker ’21
The national anthem. We perform this at sports games sometimes.
Supermassive Blackhole
By Muse
Arr. CC ’18 & Rebecca Bedell ’17
Performed by Rebecca Bedell ’17 for the 2017 Senior Arch.
Tell Me Why (Pokemon is Love?)
Arr. Catherine Lu ’17
This is a very fun medley of the songs “What is Love”,”Pokemon (Gotta Catch ’em All)”, and “I Want it That Way”
Tragic Love: A Taylor Swift Medley
Arr. CC ’18
Cassius Kim ’18 dared Chris Catalan ’19 to announce this song as “from our lord and savior, Taylor Swift.” He lost, and had to do it himself.
Umi Sono Ai
Arr. Tai Hirose ’15
A song about courage, sung in both English and Japanese.
By Natasha Bedingfield
Arr. CC ’18
Arranged for Andra Bailard ’16 as part of our 2016 Senior Arch.
Cups (When I’m Gone)
From the movie “Pitch Perfect”
Music and Lyrics by Lulu and the Lampshades
Arr. Joel Mariano
Fun fact: The basses of Acapellago turned part of the lyrics into a food item during our rehearsals.
Winter Song
By Ingrid Michaelson & Sara Bareilles
Arr. Catherine Lu ’17
This is Acapellago’s winter song (no duh) to our audience.
Young Volcanoes
By Fall Out Boy
Arr. CC ’18
Arranged for Emmily Kent ’16, Sophia Myers ’16, Vanessa Solis ’16, and Ysa Esquilin ’16 as part of our 2016 Senior Arch.